Will you marry me?

Will you marry me?

Kelly and John are getting married, at the mansion. What better place could they pick  to take their engagement photos, to freeze the moment? Freeze was the appropriate word here as winter had shared a significant amount of snow for the entourage to trudge through. That didn’t seem to matter to Kelly or John though; the fire had already been lit.

Connecticut wedding photographer Robin Dini was able to capture the couple’s playful rapport and document the serious side too. Encouraging our soon-to-be’s to come to life before her lenses was only a modest challenge. Posing in doorways and windows and the Porte Cochere the couple stood out against the stone and warm oak paneling that grace the mansions interior. But even Robin would admit they were very good subjects to choreograph. “I think I look good enough” was overheard, but we’re not telling which one of our actors spoke the line.

Robin_DiniRobin’s goal is to capture the real. With the eye and intent of an artist, a photojournalist and a photographer she endeavors to secure the true emotions of these moments. There’s special value in documenting events like this. The challenge to capture the relationships and glances that define the people in front of the lens is one of timing and skill.  Well executed this chilly day.

For some reason Robin seems to have adopted winter as her favorite season and Kelly and John were the beneficiaries of here inspiration. However, we would like to wish them a lovely warm day for their final curtain. Gallaher is lovely in green. We would wager that Robin will like that canvas as well.


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