Using Paperless Post for Wedding Invitations

Using Paperless Post for Wedding Invitations

If you haven’t tried Paperless Post yet it’s time to take a look.  Their collection keeps growing with new categories and styles.  Better yet they provide designs that you can personalize.  Get creative, include your own images, change the font, and make it meaningful and unique.  You could even send out an invitation using their app.

There are plenty of templates to cover the variety of other events that surround the “day”: Engagement parties, Save the dates, Bridal showers, Bachelorette parties and Rehearsal dinners.

They offer original and designer collections that include kate spade, Oscar de la Renta and others.  If this is one distraction too many, you don’t have to go down the road alone. There are custom design services from color matching to monograms and even photo retouching.


Engraving is perhaps the most elegant, a standard for high-end formal stationery. After your custom etched plate is made, the paper is pressed firmly against the inked plate creating a raised text with a matte finish.

Next in traditional high quality printing technique is Letterpress.   It involves a custom relief plate, which is inked and pressed into the paper.   The result is imprinted text and a card that also has a dimensional texture.  Letterpress and Engraving run just over $2 a card.

A third technique commonly used for wedding invitations is Thermography.  If you’re looking for glossy or shiny raised designs and lettering, this is definitely a valid choice and a sophisticated look.  It’s slightly less expensive.

Flat printing is the most economical at about a dollar a card.

 More than paper.

As the Paperless Post name infers, there are also online options available for delivering your messages.  You may want to consider a combination of print and online to deliver different invites for different parties.  You can upload mailing lists of emails or addresses.  Online delivery allows you to verify opens and manage rsvps too.  Note from experience, remember to include the number of guests attending option.

With the variety of pricing and delivery options it adds some fun and creative options and might just make it one of the easiest choices you have to make.

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